I’ve read many of articles on Scorpio in general.  Some describe me and many don’t. The one thing that I notice that it’s said a lot is how vindictive Scorpios are. For me, that’s true.

Now, let’s get one thing straight.  If you don’t and never meant anything to me, it would never get to the point where I have to think of how to get back at you.  If you were a friend of mine; someone that I trusted, and you use things that I shared with you to hurt me, then I feel I have to hurt you more.

The reason for that behavior is because I believe that if you shared things when you were friends, those things are sacred and should not be used as weapons to inflict pain.  They should always remain sacred.  I don’t like feeling like a fool, and that’s what I feel when I get hurt by someone I trusted, and worst knowing that I provided the ammunition.  I am going to fight back, and harder than you thought I could ever come at you.

But before you judge, wait! I consider myself to be a smart Scorpio woman.  I have done things not horribly bad, but in any case bad. There’s one thing in particular that I am not very proud of.  I still believe she deserved the pain; however I don’t believe that’s the way I should have handle it.  But I did, and I learned from it.

I learned that I have a side of me that does not coincide with who I believe I am, and who I want to be. I like being a more controlled and reserved individual. I realized that I have special powers (intuition, persuasion, six sense or what not) but I could use my powers for good, or for bad.  My reaction or actions, are not up to another individual’s actions towards me, it’s up to me to control myself.

I spent years thinking and analyzing the vindictive part of me, and how I can control it. Well, I will always have that in me; no doubt.  However if I spend time thinking about the ramifications of my actions or better yet the aftereffects, I literally could stop myself from moving forward with an evil plan. I put my focus on more positive things like what to do to take my mind off of whatever it is, or whoever did what to me, and how it affected me.  I like to learn, so I look for a NEW topic to learn about, or a new business venture.  Also, what helps is to not think of myself as a victim. Instead, I think about that person as weak, not good enough, fake, phony, sick, etc.  It sounds simple, but it does help.  I can literally STOP myself from becoming obsessed with a situation.  I have done it plenty of times, and before I knew it, I was no longer thinking about the situation and/or of me as a victim.  I just moved on.

Psychology experts believe that we human being CAN control our thought.  If you are ever in a love situation, or a bad situation (like implied above) and you keep saying to yourself that you cannot stop thinking about…, believe that you can, and see what happens.

Another thing that works is whenever I ran into the person who played me, back stabbed me, hurt me, disappointed me, etc. (call it whatever you want to call it), I have no words for he/she.  It’s like I literally have no words.  I can no longer look that person in the eye.  Not like, “Yo! You hurt me“, it’s more like…. I look at you long enough (about 5 seconds) for you to see my eye balls, but not long enough for you to see my intentions. I would even greet you first, but no expression in my face.  Yes! Still intense, but now you don’t know how to take me. My eyes don’t say what they use to say, and my mouth isn’t saying nada. I show no emotions, and I’m sure I don’t look approachable either.

All this only happens when I have moved on and I now feel indifferent about you.  No anger, no love; maybe some disappointment, but no regrets. The best part about all this is that when someone new comes into my life (lover or friend) I don’t judge the next person on what someone else did to me.  Fresh start; new beginnings; I love it!